Senator Dianne Feinstein is at it again!

Her new "assault weapons" ban takes things to a whole new level.

All semi-auto rifles with a threaded barrel, pistol grip, telescoping stock would be banned.

Any semi-auto with a barrel shroud (meaning any AR or AK hand guard) would be banned!

And if you think you can go featureless or have some sort of work-around... well Feinstein has something for that. She bans literally every AR or AK (including 22s) in her massive bill by name and by frame.

Lowers? Banned.

Clones of popular branded ARs? Banned.

AR parts? Banned.

We HAVE to stop this insane bill from gaining any traction by building our war chest to combat the massive push by anti-gun groups and billionaire elitists that will be doing everything in their power to get this bill moving.

We need YOU to step up right now!

As a thank you, we'll enter you into our brand new giveaway for a Daniel Defense M4V11 and Sig Romeo5 Red Dot!

Get into the fight now and flip off Feinstein by winning the very gun she wants to BAN.

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