AB 736 gives numerous local agencies the power to fine gun stores. 

AB 1525 forces gun stores to display Brady Campaign propaganda or face the consequences. 

SB 464 imposes unrealistic security requirements on gun stores. 

SB 497 cuts off significant revenue for gun stores by only allowing them to sell one gun per month per customer.

When you look at those bills together, it is clear what the anti-gunners in California have in mind.

They are literally seeking to drive every single gun store out of the state.

And those that remain, face the perilous task of having to comply with a litany of new and outrageous laws.

But why does that matter to you? You’re probably not a gun store owner or employee.

No one can exercise their Second Amendment rights if the gun stores in your community are pushed out of existence. After all, it is California law that every firearms transaction (and eventually almost every ammo transaction) be conducted at a licensed gun store.

That is why we need your help to STOP these bills.

There is only another month of the legislative session left so it is now or never!

As a thank you for donating to this fight, we’ll automatically enter you into a giveaway for a Beretta M9, the infamous gun that has been in more victorious battles than we can count!

Help us score a huge victory in this battle for the Second Amendment. Ensure we can stop these bills today! 

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