Last July, Governor Jerry Brown signed a slew of bills designed to strip away your fundamental rights. 

This July, we are declaring our Independence from anti-gun politicians by suing to overturn their egregious laws and stop their abuse of power in court! 

But it is going to take the effort of every single one of our supporters to be able to beat the unlimited resource of the California Department of Justice. 

We have just brought a lawsuit forward to STOP DOJ from hiding the regulations they seek to have approved related to "Assault Weapons." 

And we are continuing work on lawsuits aimed at overturning parts of Gunpocalypse, like the "Bullet Button" ban.

Will you be a part of this critical 2A movement? 

As a thank you for donating, we'll automatically enter you into our giveaway for a Kel-Tec KSG! 

Make a stand and stop the anti-gunners in their tracks. 

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