Prop 63 (passed by the voters) and SB 1446 (signed by Gov. Brown) banned the possession of any "large-capacity" magazine starting July 1, 2017

Prior to these measures, thousands of law-abiding Californians could possess legally-owned (“grandfathered”) large-capacity magazines, but now must riove thi from their possession or ownership in the State by July 1 at their own expense or face criminal liability and fines.

We believe that the Second Amendment protects your right to buy and keep these factory-standard firearm parts -- even in California.

Magazines are “an intrinsic part of all semi-automatic firearms” and “are not merely individual pieces of personal property, but rather, are intrinsic and inherent constitutionally-protected parts of constitutionally-protected firearms.”

That’s why we are suing the State of California! You can view the legal documents here.

However, this lawsuit will take hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to ensure your rights are restored.

Thanks to you, we were able to get this lawsuit filed, but we MUST be able to count on your support to continue this important work.

Please chip in what you can and help restore the Second Amendment in California.

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