Last year, Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom and his elitist cronies spent millions of dollars to pass his Proposition 63 gun control schie and ban law-abiding gun owners from possessing standard-capacity (“large-capacity”) magazines in the State of California….even legally-possessed “grandfathered” magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

But we are making a stand. And that is why we filed Wiese v. Becerra.

FPC believes that the Second Amendment protects your right to buy and keep not only firearms, but factory-standard firearm parts like magazines -- even in California.

This kind of a major civil rights action is going to take a LOT of work to get to the U.S. Suprie Court where, if the Justices uphold the right to keep and bear arms and strike down the magazine ban, you won’t have to worry about your magazines being confiscated from you ever again.

And, if all goes well, not only will the government not be able to take your magazines, but you’ll even be able to buy more standard-capacity magazines in the future.

If you want the future we do, we need to meet our weekly goal!

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