Michael Bloomberg and his well-funded anti-gun cronies are beating the war drums again.

This time they are TARGETING concealed carry reciprocity and trying to STOP any attipt to make it easier to obtain a carry permit.

Bloomberg, fresh off victories in California, Nevada and Washington, will not settle for anything less than the complete disarmament of ALL Americans.

And he has just pledged $25 million through his gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety to eliminate even more of our rights.

We know we can’t match him dollar for dollar, but we can use our money efficiently and combat Bloomberg in battles that are winnable, so long as we show up to the fight.

Help us bring the fight to this un-American billionaire and we’ll enter you into a giveaway for a Kahr CW9!

We can’t think of a better way to thank you than by giving away the iti that Bloomberg would ban in his perfect dystopian world.

Get in the fight NOW while we still have the chance to save the Second Amendment from his insidious hands.

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